The area where you find the notre structures offers many opportunities, cultural and sporting activities, from festivals of the neighboring countries to the various architectural treasures and natural to explore


Gold Experience

Guided tour, unique of its kind, at the ALEX BALL company in

Valenza. During the exclusive experience, it will be possible to learn how jewels are born, through a cultural and sensory journey. languages during the company tour, allowing the visitor to immerse himself totally in an atmosphere of art, taste, craftsmanship and history.


The cathedral of casale

The Cathedral of St. Evasio is the oldest monument in the city of Casale Monferrato and is one of the most important cathedrals in romanesque-lombard style of the Piedmont.


The synagogue of Casale + museum

The jewish community of Casale Monferrato is one of the twenty-one Italian jewish communities gathered in the UCEI. Is defined as a community small in size, and currently has just a dozen members.


Bike tours

The world is even more beautiful seen from the saddle of a bicycle. Perhaps it is for this reason that more and more tourists choose the two wheels to detach from the daily grind and discover a new way to enjoy the natural beauty, traditions, culture, food and wine.


Visit the cellars

The term piedmont infernòt refers to a local underground constructed by digging by hand a particular sandstone, and the sandstone, or tufa, and is usually used as a wine cellar or pantry. A feature common to wineries and infernòt is the absence of light and direct ventilation


Local products


Swimming pool

platform from which to launch


three pools for all ages


the Po river and its park


An extraordinary and different point of view from which to admire a landscape that is unusual and fascinating: down the Po on a raft is one of the most gripping experiences to appreciate the landscape from a new perspective.
On the slopes with the dinghy, departing from the base of Coniolo, they are guided by professional experts of the Italian Rafting Federation and are suitable for everyone.


Guided tours on nature trails


The stretch of the river Park extends from Crescentino (VC) to the confluence with the river Scrivia, in a series of environments harmoniously linked to water. In the first part the landscape is characterized by two elements: the hill and the rice field, which, on the opposite sides of the river, offers performances of rare beauty. Downstream of Casale Monferrato you find the face the most natural and wild of the Po. Here, the river, fed by the waters of the Sesia, Tanaro and Scrivia, models large ghiareti, islands and lanche that favor the presence of rare species of wildlife-herons, first of all.


The city of gold and jewels

Valence is situated on the banks of the Po, near the hills of the Monferrato and the town of Valenza and today represents one of the largest and most districts in the jewellery sector and gold



Bench giant rosignano monferrato


Nei pressi di Madonna delle Grazie, addentrandosi per un breve tratto tra i vigneti, trova collocazione la prima Panchina Gigante del Monferrato, inaugurata nel 2017.

Si tratta della Big Bench n. 41 “Rosso Grignolino”, da cui si può godere di una vista mozzafiato sulle colline circostanti del Basso Monferrato, fino alle Alpi ed agli Appennini. La panchina è alta più di 2 metri e lunga 3,5 metri e rientra nel progetto ideato dallo statunitense Chris Bangle che ha già coinvolto altre località in Piemonte.​


The citadel of alessandria

The Citadel of Alessandria is one of the most magnificent monuments in europe in the sphere of the permanent fortification of the XVIII century, one of the few still existing and definitely one of the best preserved in Europe

krumiri of casale


The krumiri are cookies typical of Piedmont region and in particular the city of Casale Monferrato. The original recipe was created by pastry chef Domenico Rossi in 1878.


 Serravalle outlet

He Serravalle Designer Outlet è un grande centro commerciale

The cathedral of casale

The cathedral of casale


A day in Genoa

Genoa is a port city and is the capital of the Liguria region. It is known for its important role in maritime commerce, in the course of many centuries. In the historic center is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, in romanesque style with a façade of black and white stripes, and the interior painted. Narrow little streets lead to historic squares such as piazza de Ferrari, with the characteristic bronze fountain, and the opera theatre Carlo Felice.


Day of adventure with barcè, rafts, canoes, kayaks and boats custom made.

The navigation and rowing will continue in the stretch valenza Po up to Bassignana and are arranged in a bank, you will continue for lunch in Mugarone. At the end of the day prizes will be awarded to the crews for the different categories: from the largest to the most colorful, from the boat's most innovative to younger children. To ensure the safety and assistance to sailors, and six scout leaders and patented at the national School of training relief and rescue river and flood Rescue Project Caldes (TN), and Operators multi-purpose water rescue Red Cross.

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