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We are also very close to the river Po. Just cross the street Ex S.S. 494. Once on the trail you will find yourself in front of two possibilities:

turning right you can reach the old centre of Valenza. in about half an hour walk. 
Climb to Via Po and you will find yourself in piazza XXXI martyrs, the center of Valenza with town hall and library.
Turning left instead (it is necessary to be biking and good training) along the embankment until the bridge over the Po toward the Lomellina, or crossing the S.S. 494 and turning towards Casale Monferrato, Ticineto, and Valmacca Bozzole can be reached then. You are in the Po River Park and of Orba!

the protected area of the Park is very extensive and ranges from VERRUA SAVOIA  to Isola Sant'Antonio.
To understand the complexity of the actions carried out by the park be aware of its exceptional BIODIVERSITY. For this you should go to the period (September-June) at:

  VISITOR CENTER Cascina Belvedere 

  • Centro Visite e Sede Operativa

  • Ex S.S. 494 Km. 70 Frascarolo (PV) 27030

  • +39 0384 84676


The Po landscape interpretation centre

  • via Marconi 5 15040 FRASSINETO PO Alessandria

  • +39 0384-84676

  • the Po Landscape interpretation centre set up at Palazzo Mossi of Frassineto Po (AL) is opened on the second and third Sunday of every month (except August) 10.00-13.00 14.30-18.30/hour.

Maps are available, classrooms, laboratories and naturalistic guides and BOOKING, tourist huts for observation of animals and to photograph. The BIKE LANE of Po and the VENTO project interest us much. This year the September 22, 2016 we will be hosting the designers of Politecnico di Milano!

The action of tutela del Parco del Po was also translated in combating urban growth in favour of disordered clear a demarcation of boundaries of the built environment and the conservation of landscape, farm, Woods, rice fields.

  • Of Valenza also suggest a landscape reading, since construction scale while counting some evidence, it is more difficult to appreciate it.


    The parco del Po writes:

  • "Returning to the main road connecting Casale Monferrato-Valenza, the long straight that runs along the stretch of plain is characterized by the cultivation of poplars. Opposite Bozzole there is the Hill of Parkes, dominated by the Castle; tightens the flat Strip, moving closer to the river than the levee does not see. The serpentine belt of the stream Grana runs along a stretch of road (here lies BARBISA n.d.r. at Km 74) and ends in Valenza his run towards the Po. Entering in Valenza you will notice on the right an area of building expansion in residential and productive, organized according to the trend of "deep valley". Going into the Centre of Valenza and following the old walls along the steep hilly Ridge, arrived at the Belvedere you will see large tracts of the valley below, the Po, the Lomellina. In the plain below over the stream Grana there is a communal area, once the site of the wells of the aqueduct, now decommissioned. The area has been subject to an intervention of the institution-which led to the formation of a Forest Park development crossed by avenues, a picnic area and an equipped route.  Going down to the area, which is called "Bosco Musolino", you will see well the escarpment alluvial shelf once again, appreciating Polygenic selection criteria which led to build raised places. "

If you find yourself Barbisa in early October don't miss to participate with the Group AGESCI Valence to fantastic RANDONEE: navigate the op on canoes, motorboats and rafts made of recycled materials!

Now we will try to guide you to visit some of the most relevant places of the territory included in the Po River Park and then veer off into the nearby MONFERRATO ....

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