Tour Ebike Barbisa - Cittadella di Alessandria

per visitare una Cittadella fortificata intatta del XVIII secolo

Time: 2h (2h with ebike roundtrip + visit 1 h)

Companion recommended for the road to take

Citadel of Alessandria it’s one of the most grandiose  european’s monuments regarding the fortifications (century XVIII ).

One of the few that exist yet and certainly one of the best preserved in Europe. Only recently it is open for the public. It’s connected to the city center through the bridge MEIER (2017)on the river Tanaro. It’s advisable for who appreciate the eighteen’s architecture.

Made with bricks and it has a star shaped, visible only from above.

Ther’are many army buildings (before of the Savoia and then of the Italian State).Today too sharpshooters take care of the visit of some local and regarding of the uniforms, arms and relics’s exposure (1848-1946).


Address: street  Pavia, 15121 Alessandria AL

Timetable: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. 

Phone: 366 742 8928

In front The citadel there is the new bridge by Richard Meier (2016):

the history close the globalization


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