Tour Ebike Barbisa - Valenza

arrivare nel centro storico di Valenza pedalando nel Parco 
  • TOUR EBIKE n. 1: BARBISA 1852- Old Town Center of valenza Time: 15 minuti

passing by the bike lane near the river Po









From Barbisa you can arrive along the river Po until  VIA PO and go straight to PIAZZA XXXI MARTIRI: you’re in the center of the town  : Here there is The Town Hall and the Library. Valenza is famous in the world for its goldsmith craftsmanship of excellence.


You can wander around in the old town …and eat something

Pasticceria Torti : confectionery Historical shop

Via Po 5, tel 0131/941090

Delicious pies


Panetteria San Pietro : bakery

Corso Garibaldi 2

timetibles: 7,30-12,30 16,30-19

very hold ; they produce the italian  bred


Sotto casa: grocery, organic food

address: Via Cavour, 52, 15048 Valenza AL

timetable: Oggi aperto · 09:30–14:30, 17–19:30

Tell: 0131 483586


Gelateria Bumbunì: ice-cream shop

Corso Matteotti 5 Valenza


Gelateria Soban: ice-cream shop

Piazza Gramsci Valenza

Pasticceria Barberis Historical shop

V.le Oliva 9 tel 0131941041


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