Tour Ebike Barbisa - Frassineto Po

per visitare la storia del paesaggio della piana del Po

At Mossi Palace of Frassineto Po It’s visitable the second and the third sunday of every month ( not in august)

timetable. 10.00-13.00 A.M. / 2.30-6.30 P.M.

You have to book for the guided tours calling 0384 84676 during the week Monday to Friday ( 8.30 A.M - 2.00 P.M) or writing at this email


It’s an interesting example of a museum setup in particular for the children to understand the evolution of Po’s landscape ( from the prehistoric time to the our days).It’s proposed a graphical and multimedia path through the woods and paddies that characterize the territory whit his incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna


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