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Botto Winery

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In Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its wine landscapes, our company has reached its third generation. Started by grandfather “Vasin ” (1898), continued by pap à Pietro, today è Marco, together with his wife Angela, to lead it with great respect for traditions and an eye for modern winemaking techniques, essential in order not to frustrate the great work done in the 25 hectares of vineyards on the hills of Sala Monferrato.


The vine must be cared for, helped and also supported in its spontaneous ability to produce quality raw materials, then it is the knowledge of man that brings to completion this extraordinary transformation of grapes into wine. à “life to the vine ” and man exalts the

fruit (FM). On the market we find organic, biodynamic, natural, conventional, free wine and other classifications will find space in the market.

More than the labels we believe in:

 -In the relationship between grape variety and territory

-In the recognition of the typicality of grapes in wine

-In the use of treatments reduced to a minimum and used only when needed

-In the vinification of grapes only healthy in order to reduce the use of sulphite

 - In the intelligent use of technology in the cellar with the sole aim of giving you healthy and pleasant wines. possible, even better.

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